Estelle Visits ‘The View’ & Proves She Is A ‘Conqueror’

Estelle Conqueror Performance The View Victorious Fist

After teasing us with a few previews in 2014, British soul songstress Estelle recently released her long-awaited album, True Romance. Making TV talk show rounds to promote the album, she stopped by The View to debut her lead single, "Conqueror," to a new audience.

Scenes from the song's video were projected onto a darkened stage, setting the atmosphere for the emotional ballad. That was a trick that may have worked a little too well, because the singer almost seemed pained as she initially made her way through the somber lyrics. Thankfully, as the song progressed, a literal transformation took place. Bolstered by a stirring chorus of background singers, Estelle broke free of her melancholy and delivered an impassioned performance that embodies the triumphant spirit of the song. Aha! Perhaps this was her plan all along. Well played, madam. Well played.

True Romance is currently available for purchase via iTunes.



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