Hi-Five Wants To Give You A ‘Different Kiss’

Hi-Five Different Kiss LV Still

Did you know that Hi-Five was back? Neither did we. Much hasn't been heard from the boy band since the death of band member Tony Thompson in 2007. And then last year, the group quietly released a five-song EP, aptly titled Hi-Five The EP, to reintroduce themselves to the world and show that they've still got the magic they had in their '90s heyday.

Now that we've gotten caught up, the group (which now consists of classic members Marcus Sanders and Treston Irby and a few new additions) has released "Different Kiss," their latest single from the EP, and, as is the trend these days, created a lyric video to accompany it. The song itself is reminiscent of the group's '90s sound, with tight harmonies and a laid-back, adult contemporary guitar and bass groove tailor-made for the group's longtime fans to fall in love to.

If only we could say that we loved the lyric video.

The concept is cute enough, with the clip featuring pictures and images made to look as if they're on a memory board. However, it all looks rather, for lack of a better word, janky. While I'm sure the fellas had a limited budget making it, the lyric video looks and feels similar to watching a PowerPoint presentation. Fonts are inconsistent, random, oddly placed stock photos are used abundantly and the fade in effects for the lyrics come off a bit tacky. Luckily, the song is nice enough that we're willing to forgive its visual accompaniment.

Check it out below and if, despite the lyric video, you're interested in what Hi-Five is up to these days, you can pick up High Five The EP on iTunes and Amazon right now.

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