Hot 16: Celebrity Selector Debórah Bond Presents ‘The Bond Girl’s Guide To Seduction’

Photo Credit: Stevie Soul

Photo Credit: Stevie Soul

Another Valentine's Day is upon us, and this lover's holiday will be celebrated with chocolates, dinners, gifts and other assorted tokens of affection and admiration. And when it's time for some action, SoulBounce has got you covered on the music tip to set the scene with the help of Debórah Bond who's our latest Celebrity Selector with The Bond Girl's Guide To Seduction. Debórah has meticulously handpicked songs for this Hot 16 playlist that spans artists, genres and eras with the collective objective of providing a sensual soundtrack for lovers. Here's some insight from Debórah:

The Bond Girl's Guide To Seduction is a playlist completely for those who believe that seduction is an art form. For those who enjoy creating an atmosphere when it comes to romance and sensuality. For the true love scene makers, the ones who can let their inner desires create the ultimate sexy scenario. The slow dancers, the ones who still give massages, who still tease and tantalize you, taking their sweet time. For the moaners, the heavy breathers, the ones full of passion and erotic energy. Pour a martini or a glass of wine, light a candle, put on a blue light or whatever gets your mind, body and soul ready for an experience. Put on this mix and just enjoy the journey and when it's all said and it all over again. (wink)

Now that's what you call a playlist with a purpose. Bond's selections include tracks by Teena Marie, Maxwell, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Janet Jackson and even some "Sweet Lullabies" from the DJ herself. The Bond Girl's Guide To Seduction is not a game, but it is a collection of songs that you'll find yourself playing again and again far beyond Valentine's Day.

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