Mack Wilds Sings About ‘Girls Playin’ Tricks’

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

The wait for new tunes from Mack Wilds ended over the weekend when the singer delivered a musical valentine to his fans with the song "Girls Playin' Tricks." It's not exactly a love song with a title like that, but Mack does bare his feelings about the one he gave his heart to who isn't returning the favor. "Gave that girl my heart / She put it on display / Sweeter than a symphony / But stuck in a way," Wilds sings about this girl who won't do him right, but his feelings have him caught up.

The SalaAM ReMi-produced track is a short one, clocking in at only 1:37, but it's nonetheless sweet thanks to the Mack's vocals resting nicely atop a laid-back guitar strum. There's no word on if "Girls Playin' Tricks" is a snippet of a longer song or possibly an interlude that will be found on his next album, but on Instagram Wilds tagged this with "#MoreOnTheWay," so keep your eyes and ears out for his follow up to New York: A Love Story soon enough.

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