Pomo Throws ‘Down’ On This Sam Smith Remix

POMO and Sam Smith Profile Aqua

Canadian producer Pomo is no stranger to SoulBounce. The multi-instrumentalist has a way of giving us our fix of electro-dance music with an '80s lilt. So when we heard Sam Smith tapped him for a remix of his current hit "Lay Me Down," we couldn't wait to press play.

Pomo takes the moving ballad and heads straight to the dance floor. Removing most of the lyrical content, the producer hooks the listener with his euphonic mix of funked-up synth. For good measure, he adds some loops reminiscent of D-Train's irresistible groove "You're the One For Me," beckoning your body to let the rhythm take over. If that was all he did, it already would've been worth the listen. But Pomo switches things up, pulls back and smoothly transitions into slow jam territory. An unexpected move that totally works, providing the perfect segue for Smith's dulcet vocals to shine during the song's finale.

You no doubt already have a copy of In the Lonely Hour (because, Sam Smith). But if you're feeling Pomo's signature brand of champagne funk, check out his other remixes here and download his debut EP, The Other Day, via iTunes.

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