Tamia Serves Up Sexy With ‘Sandwich And A Soda’

Tamia Sandwich And A Soda Cover

Hungry for some new Tamia? Well, she's ready to serve up some new music with the release of her latest single, "Sandwich and a Soda." Though the title of the track is enough to make you scratch your head, the Pop & Oak-produced song itself is a no-brainer.

It starts with just Tamia's silky voice and a slinky guitar groove sure to pique your interest. But it's when the programmed drums, organ and backing vocals kick in and her sultry coo turns into a carnal sigh that the party really gets started. "If you wanna ride these curves / Hop in your Chevy Nova / And if you gonna drive with nerve / Baby, I'ma be your chaffeur," she seductively sings on the chorus. And while most who promise you the ride of your life usually leave you hanging after all is said in done, Tamia's willing to bring you the titular sandwich and soda. She's so considerate.

"Sandwich and a Soda" is the steamy first single from Tamia's sixth studio album, Love Life, which will be her first as a member of the Def Jam family. You can pick up the single now via iTunes and expect to get your hands on Love Life on June 9th. But before any of that, be prepared to eat up the hot new single after you take a listen right here.

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