Jordin Sparks Flirts With Her Ratchet Side In ‘Double Tap’

Jordin Sparks Double Tap Still

If you couldn't tell by her #ByeFelicia mixtape or her current single "Double Tap," Jordin Sparks is tapping into her more ratchet side for her upcoming post-breakup album Right Here, Right Now. And while we've only heard her shed her good girl image on wax, she ramps up the ratchet for the clip for "Double Tap."

Since the single's name is a reference to an Instagram feature (though it can be applied in oh so many different ways), it's only right that the social media app is prominently shown throughout the three-minute clip. As the 808s boom and hand claps go off like gunfire, Jordan and her girls pose it up while getting ready to go out partying. In the process, they're driving all the boys wild, especially the ones lurking on the singer's IG profile. But while they're doing all that lurking, Jordin bets that they won't be bold and "double tap that ho." By the time the song's collaborator, 2 Chainz, makes an appearance near the video's end, the party's all the way turned up and Jordin hops on stage to bask in it all.

It's a cute video for an OK song, but is it enough to get your double tap of approval? Check it out below to find out.

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