Lion Babe Show Off Their Superpowers In ‘Wonder Woman’

Lion Babe Wonder Woman Still

Lion Babe is continually heating up and they dropped some heat on us last week with the release of their Pharrell Williams-produced single "Wonder Woman" last week. Not ones to let moss grow at their feet, the duo — consisting of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman — have quickly delivered a video for the track, and it's one that you've gotta see.

Channeling campy '60s cinema hits like Barbarella (and with Jillian's hair channeling blaxploitation goddess Foxy Brown), the video perfectly fits the duo's brand of quirk. It starts with a nod to Lion Babe's first video, "Treat Me Like Fire," with Jillian crawling on all fours before letting out her roar. Then we get to the main bit of action as Jillian cavorts on a sandy space-age set dressed in skimpy fashions and sky-high, thigh-high platform boots. While she shakes her thang, Lucas helms the controls (to what, we're not certain). While obviously not the biggest budget clip that we've scene, it's still fun and arresting to look at while we enjoy the track's undeniable groove.

If you're ready to jam to "Wonder Woman" at home, you'll have to wait just a bit longer, as the single is set to be released officially on May 4th. However, you can stream it right now on Spotify and, of course, watch the video right here.

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