SBTRKT Blesses Fans With Four New Songs In Four Days

sbtrkt-four new tracks

Oh Mondays. So many of us dread them because they signify the return to the work week. Today, however, producer SBTRKT is determined to turn those Monday blues into joy by giving fans not one but four reasons to smile today. Over the course of the past few days, the elusive artist has quietly released four new songs via his SoundCloud page.

After having no activity on his page for the past three months, he dropped "FLAREtWO" three days ago before following it up with "Roulette" the next day and "nO less" on yesterday. Then just a few minutes ago, he broke fans off AGAIN with another new song, "Renegade." We're not sure quite sure what to make of this sudden flurry of activity, but we are definitely counting our lucky stars about it. While each instrumental song is distinctively different from the next, they all feature SBTRKT's signature rhythm-heavy style. He further adds to the mystery of it all, providing no description nor information about any of the songs, with the exception of tagging them #doom ("FLAREtWO"), #gloom ("Roulette"), #tomb ("nO less") and finally #Relax for the latest release.

Is that a hint that his little leaking frenzy is over? Should we relax? Truthfully tough, we doubt we'll be able to relax anytime soon as we sit back and absorb these musical goodies that seem to be raining down on us. We guess SBTRKT has just given new meaning to the phrase "Manic Monday."

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