Soulection Shows Just How Much They ‘Love’ Sade

Soulection Love Is King Album cover

Los Angeles creative collective Soulection is celebrating their SoundCloud reign and what better way to do so than by releasing an album in tribute to Sade. Having reached 200,000 listeners on their account, the rising record label gathered 12 of their artists, including LAKIM, starRo, J-Louis and Abjo, to collectively piece together a batch of remixes to pay homage to the undeniable force behind classic hits like "Sweetest Taboo" and "By Your Side." Love Is King is a collection of flips and remixes that will remind you what we love most about what Soulection brings to SoundCloud and music, in general. Standout moments during this 12-track party include starRo flipping “Like A Tattoo,” Abjo bringing new life to “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” and the club banger that is LAKIM’s take on “Mr. Wrong.”

Not only is the Love Is King compilation available for free streaming and download, for a very short period of time, Soulection is sharing their entire discography for free via their website to continue their celebration. It gets no better than this. Be sure to head over to Soulection's website to grab all of these goodies before it's too late.

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