Janine And The Mixtape Breaks It Down About Being ‘Broken’


Janine and the Mixtape has been a perennial darling at SoulBounce since a snippet of her song “Hold Me” made an unexpected appearance on our guilty pleasure, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, last year. The artist hasn’t taken a break since. Her Little Mixtape Monday Series has the New Zealand-bred artist premiering a new song and video every week leading up to the release of her new EP, XXEP, on May 12th. The latest song, “When I’m Broken,” is a melancholy bass heavy track that finds Janine under duress from an abusive lover.

“You won’t be happy ‘til my back’s up against the wall / So you can kick my feet from under me and laugh while I fall,” sings Janine, recanting experiences with a man who’s only happy when she’s sad. While Janine sings of feeling weak and overpowered by a lover’s superiority complex, her vocals are strong, perfectly matching the treble and bass of the booming 4E-produced track.

The equally bleak visuals for the song find our heroine sulking around her apartment or in a bathroom going through it after yet another fight. She's in a bathtub in nothing but her underwear, trying to find release from the pain. Whatever that release might be is left up to the viewer.

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