Kenny Lattimore Gets Cozy With Actress Nadine Ellis In ‘Love Me Back’ Video


Kenny Lattimore is prepping for the April 14th release of his new album, Anatomy of a Love Song, and in the lead up to that glorious day he's released the music video to the first single "Love Me Back."

The black-and-white visuals primarily feature Lattimore and his on-screen love interest, actress Nadine Ellis, as they fawn over each other. With two people this sexy, can you blame them? Their smoldering chemistry really is the draw here, as Kenny plays the piano while Nadine seductively dances for him or they playfully hug, canoodle and almost kiss. They take what could have been an ordinary video and elevate it with their mere presence together.

Lattimore is also seen in solo shots singing to the camera, but it's his scenes with Ellis that will have us coming back to watch "Love Me Back." And do they finally kiss? You'll have to watch until the end to see after all that teasing if they get to the pleasing.

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