Natalie La Rose Makes Her TV Rounds With ‘Somebody’


Natalie La Rose has been making her television rounds this week. Yesterday, she and Jeremih took their Whitney Houston-inspired single "Somebody" out for a spin when they performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Dutch songstress exchanged vocals with Jeremih throughout the performance, both of them sharing the spotlight equally. Natalie also busted a move or three for the Ellen audience with her two dancers. The slick choreography added an extra level of passion between her and Jeremih, who was more than receptive to what she and the other dancers had to offer.

Natalie also stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden last night sans Jeremih but with her two dancers in tow to perform the hit song again. This looks like the beginning of more performances for Natalie as she rides the wave of "Somebody." Watch Natalie and Jeremih's performance on The Ellen Show and then her solo performance on The Late Late Show right here. And if "Somebody" happens to be your jam, you can get it over on iTunes.

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