Are You ‘Feeling’ Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé’s New Video?


Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé are giving you something you can feel in their new music video for Nicki's not-so-humble single "Feeling Myself." The mid-tempo single easily sticks as a summer anthem, with all of its bragging glory, and the visuals follow suit.

Shot entirely during Coachella in April, you'll find yummy shots of each artist giving their best trap-laced, sultry poses, enough to make you want to sit with them but only if they let you. Nicki and Beyoncé take turns gloating while chilling at the pool in their one-piece swimsuits, chowing down on some hefty burgers and entertaining the crowd at Coachella.

While the video is pretty basic in its concept, we love watching the two divas have fun. In the heavily branded TIDAL video, Nicki whip us up something nice in the kitchen, hits some slinky choreography and twerks next to the bathtub. Not to be outdone, Beyoncé spends most of the video offering us that bounce, getting her Texas trill on, bucket hat included and catching french fries in her mouth launched by her girlfriend Nicki.

Nicki and Bey have previously collaborated on the remix of "Flawless," of which we clearly weren't fans, but we can appreciate what they're doing in this here video -- doing ratchet things with their friends and looking amazing while doing them. While the clip offers nothing deep, besides the pool they're wading in, we're left to marvel at their beauty and bottomless confidence. Let us know if you're feeling Beyoncé and Nicki when you watch the video right here, and if by chance you actually have a subscription, you can also watch the video over on TIDAL.

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