Bad Rabbits Turn Up With ‘How High’


The fellas of Bad Rabbits are continually on the rise, and they're only going higher. That's why, perhaps, the title of their latest release, "How High," is perfect for the up-and-coming band. Once again leaning on legendary producer Teddy Riley, the band puts together a funky, raucous number to get you moving.

Led by horns and electric guitar, "How High" finds lead singer Dua Boakye calling out sham musicians and bragging about BR's prowess on stage. But before you think this is all about bragging rights, it's all in good fun as this one is all about hyping up the crowd. Boakye commands the crowd with his unique, gravelly voice, letting them know that he controls the situation. "When I tell you to jump, you say 'How high?'" he sings out before letting folks know they need to "put 'em up" and get live.

While the recording sounds nice as is, we can't help but imagine how the head-nodding track will sound at one of the band's live shows. Luckily, you can find out for yourselves, as the band is currently on tour (dates and venues can be found on their website). While you pick up your tickets for a show near you, listen to "How High" right here and be sure to snag the free download while the getting is good.

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