Floetry Make Their Reunion Official & Announce Summer 2015 Tour


Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart are movements by themselves, but they are a force when they're together as Floetry. Fans have appreciated and supported their individual solo efforts, but we've always been crossing our fingers behind our backs and waiting for these two to mend any broken fences and come back together. Thankfully that waiting hasn't been in vain, and, after a surprise moment on stage in London last December when the unexpected happened and they enjoyed a brief reunion at one of Marsha's concerts, The Songstress and The Floacist will be having many more moments on stage with their upcoming Floetry Reunion Tour this summer.

The duo unofficially kicked things off this past weekend with their first show together in nine years at the Funk Fest Tour in Atlanta, but they'll really get moving and grooving in June. The Floetry Reunion Tour our will kick off with two dates in Cleveland, OH and move coast-to-coast with dates in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans for the ESSENCE Festival, Philadelphia and New York City before winding down at the Summer Spirit Festival in Columbia, MD in early August.

Fans who remember how Floetry used to put it down in concert back in the day will be delighted to know that Ambrosius and Stewart haven't missed a beat over the years. They thoroughly entertained the audience at the Funk Fest and will surely bring more of that same quiet fire to their upcoming performances. Check out all the tour dates below, and make plans to see Floetry's historic reunion for yourselves this summer.

Floetry Reunion Tour dates

6/16 - Cleveland, OH
6/17 - Cleveland, OH
6/18 - Columbus, OH
6/19 - St. Louis, MO
6/20 - Detroit, MI
6/21 - Chicago, IL
6/23 - Denver, CO
6/25 - San Francisco, CA
6/26 - Tacoma, WA
6/28 - Phoenix, AZ
7/1 - San Antonio, TX
7/5 - ESSENCE Festival – New Orleans, LA
7/8 - Birmingham, AL
7/9 - Louisville, KY
7/10 - Charlotte, NC
7/12 - Durham, NC
7/17 - Philadelphia, PA
7/18 - Newark, NJ
7/19 - New York, NY
8/8 - Spirit Festival – Columbia, MD

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