Jessie J Shines Her ‘Flashlight’ & Keeps ‘Burnin’ Up’ On ‘Good Morning America’


Jessie J’s Sweet Talker album may have dropped in 2014, but she has not slowed up on her promotion game yet as 2015 continues to move along. The “Mamma Knows Best” singer garnered a bit of attention earlier in the week with the help of her backup singers, Bounce-Worthy songbird LaChardon and Neka Brown, and this morning she turned up the heat as a part of Good Morning America’s summer concert series.

This morning, Ms. Jessie threw on a pink wig and launched into her most recent hits “Bang Bang,” sans Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, and "Burnin’ Up.” Just in case that wasn’t enough she slowed things down by performing her song “Flashlight,” which was recently featured on the soundtrack for Pitch Perfect 2. If nothing else, every time Jessie takes the stage she is going to sing like it might be her very last time, and that she did.

Fortunately for us all, she is currently on an international tour and will be hitting the streets to continue to blow our minds. Feel free to visit her website now for more information on said upcoming tour dates.

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