Rihanna Ruled Her ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performances


Far be it for us to sing Rihanna's praises, but we gotta give props where props are due and Bad Gal RiRi came correct on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. As the musical guest on the finale for SNL's 40th season that found comedian Louis C.K. hosting, Rihanna further entertained those tuned in with the usual two live performances that were actually entertaining.

First up was "B***h Better Have My Money" with Rihanna singing while behind the wheel of a car parked on stage. She wasn't alone, though, with somebody's "wife in the back seat of my brand new foreign car" along for the joyride. Unfortunately her passenger was bound and gagged, so she could only enjoy it so much. Soon stagehands surrounded the car and began to disassemble it while Rihanna exited the vehicle and continued her performance with her band now in full view and dancers eventually joining her as well.  With all the activity on stage, Ri was still the center of attention and let everyone know who's the boss b***h.

For her second performance of the night, Rihanna sang "American Oxygen." Alone on stage, she stood in front of screen walls that projected various scenes and people on them. Some scenes were triumphant, such as President Barack Obama being inaugurated, while others reflected war, immigrants and everyday struggle.  Rihanna was in shadow for the entire performance, so your attention was focused on her lyrics and the images flashing behind her. After a while the images started to repeat, and it was unclear what statement, if any, they were meant to make. Yet and still, Rihanna clocked in an impressive vocal performance (which may or may not have been live, but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt), and continued to impress with her growth during the R8 album cycle.

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