The SoulBounce Q&A: Slum Village Talk About The Group’s Evolution, Saying ‘Yes’ To Their New Album & Looking For Love


SB: You mentioned high school, do you feel like it went from middle to high school, to college, grad school kinda situation? You keep graduating.

T3: Yes! And the thing with that is that no one is bigger than the brand. Slum Village is like the first group from Detroit to do what we did, how we did it. So it's like nobody's bigger than the brand, sometimes we do new songs, but we always keep the classic ones, we always rep Dilla and Baatin. I feel like nobody's bigger than the brand. If you can come through Slum Village and have your own career and do what you gotta do, then that's fine.

SB: But what's been consistent, too, is you.

T3: Yes! I had to do it because I felt like I had to keep it going. No one else was going to do it so I felt like I had to do it but I don’t know, we're gonna do this Yes album coming out soon.

SB: Where do you see this new phase of Slum Village going?

T3: Yes is coming out June 16th, it’s got Phife Dawg on it, it's got De La Soul, BJ The Chicago Kid, Bilal, John Connor, a lot of people, so people look for that Yes album. And then later on after that I’m gonna drop my techno album, my first solo album.

SB: Did you say techno?

T3: Yes, techno rap.

SB: What is techno rap?

T3: Well, you know Detroit has a history of techno, we started techno music. It’s like dance music. [sings "ass and titties, ass and titties"] You ever heard that joint? Well that started in Detroit.

SB: So that's what it's gonna sound like?

T3: Oh no, I'm saying beat-wise it's gonna sound like that, with lyrics on top of it.

SB: Wow, that's interesting. But now RJ, you've been there since day one as a protégé turned producer. What sounds can we expect from the new album since you're producing?

RJ: The new Yes album is gonna be vintage, classic Slum Village, with the old cats with some new blood. Dilla did 80% of the production, with some new stuff. Dilla's on there rapping, you got Baatin on there rapping, I just filled in the blanks on a couple songs just to switch it up and you know, it's classic Slum. So if you like Volume. 1, Volume. 2, then you're gonna like this. So that's what I would say, it's like the continuation.

SB: Speaking of the new album, Yes, what's up with the name?

T3: Because I think that's how music should be, like simplistic in a way that when you hear something and you know it's dope, your first reaction should be "Yes, yes that's what I’m talking about.”

SB: You should’ve said it like "Yasssss!" [laughs]

T3: "Yasssss!" Like that song, I do like that song by the way with Nicki Minaj and Soulja Boy. But yeah so that's why I just thinking damn, I just wanna make it simple. You know we had Fantastic, then we got the Yes album.

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