The SoulBounce Q&A: Slum Village Talk About The Group’s Evolution, Saying ‘Yes’ To Their New Album & Looking For Love


SB: So you know this is SoulBounce, and we cover a lot of soul artists. How do you think Slum Village has impacted the soul community? I think you opened the doors for a lot of soul singers.

T3: Yup, Dwele, a couple of others. Yeah, we impacted it in a way of giving you a different thing. We introduced that Detroit soul with rap because our music is very soulful and soul inspired.

SB: What do you think of soul music right now, RJ?

RJ: Umm, it's kinda corny, soul music that they doing now. I mean you got people who are still coming through like D'Angelo, I like BJ the Chicago Kid, Bilal is always gonna do something. Besides the classics, I ain’t really hearing no new cats that’s like coming out and killing it.

SB: So when you say it's corny, like generic?

RJ: Yeah, like everyone's coming out trying to make a song like Charlie Wilson, they wanna two-step, you know what I'm saying? It just ain't good music.

T3: It used to be funky. What happened to that? You got one person to come out this year and be funky, and that's D'Angelo. That's it! Nobody else gonna give me no funk? Everyone's two-stepping and stuck -- it's all smooth and watery. That wasn't was soul music was about. I used to listen to soul music and be like [makes stink face]. But anyway, I had to go back to that, let me get off my soap box.

SB: Well, who else are y'all checking for? Any artists you're feeling from Detroit we should know? Who are you excited about in music right now?

RJ: I mean singing wise or rap wise? I mean you got a lot of young cats coming up like Rosewood 2055, Earlly Mac is doing something in Detroit, we still got the crew like Danny Brown, who's still moving and grooving, you know, that’s who I would look out for.

[girl comes in with tequila shots for Slum]

SB: And for you T3? Anyone from Detroit we should look for?

T3: Oh yeah, Rosewood 2055, Earlly Mac coming out from the Finally Famous Camp.

SB: And last question for you both: What makes your soul bounce?

T3: Just hearing something new and creative musically. A good movie, like this new Avenger's movie. Or a beautiful young lady, you know. All that.

RJ: Same thing. A beautiful woman, dope music.

T3: Don't just say a beautiful woman, what about her J?

RJ: What about her? Umm, well of course I would say like the physical attraction. She can’t be stupid, she gotta have something for me to talk about, you know what I'm saying? I would prefer college-educated cause I'm quite intellectual myself.

SB: Are you looking? I mean are we about to be matchmakers right now?

T3: Yes!

RJ: Yes, yes I am looking. I'ma give an email address and all the ladies that's single, we're gonna do a dating show on SoulBounce. That's what we're gonna do, we're gonna set it up and do a dating TV show so we'll set it up.

SB: I love it! So that makes your soul bounce? Beautiful women?

RJ: And good music.

T3: He ain't looking for women, he's looking for the one!

SB: To get married or...?

RJ: Yeah, I'm looking for the last lady that I'm gonna date like forever.

SB: How about the women you meet on the road?

RJ: Yeah but you know, how can you really take it serious and be genuine? You meeting her at a concert. How many other times you went to a concert and wanted to talk to the guy on the stage? You know what I'm saying?

SB: I'm done with you RJ, but we gotta do that dating show!


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