Bad Rabbits Has A ‘Dilemma’ For You To Hear


Bad Rabbits keep cranking out the jams, and we keep putting them in rotation. It's almost as if the BR crew can do no wrong, and they continue that streak with the release of their latest single, "Dilemma."

With the band once again enlisting New Jack Swing pioneer Teddy Riley on the production side of things, "Dilemma" is a funky slice of R&B that is sure to get you moving. Synths that sound like they were lifted from the best songs of the early '90s are paired with hard-hitting drums to set up a groovy soundbed for lead singer Dua Boakye to lay his lovesick vocal. You see, the titular dilemma of the song isn't something dire or morose. Instead, Dua has his eyes on a pretty young thing he'd like to groove with. If only he didn't have another partner taking up space on his dance card. While this is one problem that most wouldn't find to be much of a problem at all, it's causing him just a bit of agony. And while the problem is never solved, the confusion and turmoil is the listener's gain, as it makes for a damn good jam.

Like "How High" and "Way With Words," the Bad Rabbits crew is offering up this track for the free, which is a steal. Grab your copy after you take a listen to "Dilemma" right here.

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