JMSN Is ”Bout’ That Throwback Life


JMSN continues to kill us softly. Not with his songs, however, but with his music videos.

Continuing the trend that we've seen across his visuals for "My Way," "Score," "Foolin'," "Price" and "Addicted," JMSN keeps the whimsical, '80s-themed throwbacks coming on "'Bout It." Looking like it was filmed on your grandfather's old dusty VHS camcorder from the early '80s, "Bout It" finds JMSN singing, dancing, swimming, emoting and contemplating life in the great outdoors. This video is all shaky shots, fuzzy frames, quick cuts and other assorted visual foolery that brings to mind the low resolution, no budget homemade music videos that would only be aired in the middle of the night on MTV when they actually showed music videos.

JMSN has got the hipster Jesus look down, but this musical messiah's dance moves may need a little work. Nonetheless, he is a hoot to watch in action, and this video is so bad it's a good and hilarious companion to the easy listening R&B single from his debut album.



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