Ray J & Lil Wayne’s ‘Brown Sugar’ Video Could Be Sweeter


Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star and former member of The Money Team, Ray J, has released a video for his raunchy new single “Brown Sugar” featuring Lil Wayne. The clip follows the tried and true formula for rap music videos: film a couple of seductively dressed women in a tropical locale while you and your homeboys whip it and mean mug around the set.

The video starts with Ray J rolling up to an estate in a Rolls Royce Phantom. Soon a bevy of women come out the landscape to seduce him. While the female talent doesn’t have much to do in the video but stand around and smize, we have to give kudos to Ray for including women of a variety of complexions. Lil Wayne comes through wearing a Smokey the Bear ranger hat, adding some hot fire and extra braggadocio to the festivities. Unfortunately, he seems to be more preoccupied with his Apple Watch than anything else going on in the video.

The video for “Brown Sugar” doesn’t really have much going for it. While the bounty of French vanillas, butter pecans, chocolate deluxes and caramel sundaes make for a sweet visual treat, there’s very little substance to the clip. Even the video models seem bored. At the end of the day, Ray J is just being Ray J, point blank period. You can love him for it, hate him for it or just find the humor in his desperate hijinks.

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