SiairaShawn Tells Us About The Art Of Love On ‘Know How’


San Francisco born and raised singer-songwriter SiairaShawn is poised to deliver a three-volume set of EPs collectively entitled Flowers While You’re Here, which will give a different musical vibe on each volume, expressing the array of emotions you should share with your loved ones “while you’re here.”

Each EP‘s title is based on a different flower, and her first, Camellia, is accompanied by the single “Know How.” From the sound of it, it may be a good time for you to stop and smell the flowers, because the scent is on point. “Know How” is written by SiairaShawn and produced by Isyss Dem Drums. Siaira’s melodic and seductive tone melds perfectly with the ambient electronica vibe of the track, which has us hoping the Siaira and Isyss combination is a mainstay on future projects.  The laid-back tempo of “Know How” doesn't at all diminish the emotive potency of her voice, and her soprano is exquisite. SiairaShawn is also quite the wordsmith, with poetic and engaging lyrics that are reminiscent of Meshell Ndegeocello.

Get into SiairaShawn's "Know How" right here, and get into Flowers While You're Here: Camellia on Amazon or iTunes.


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