AAries ‘Got Ur Request’ & Return To The Scene With A New EP


While artists don't owe us anything, it's always nice to know that they care about and value the devotion of their fans. One such class act is the supremely talented twosome of Ayana Hipps and Ayinké Hipps-Feit, better known as AAries. The twin singers have long had a dedicated following, and though the release of new music over the years has been sporadic, it is always, ALWAYS worth the wait. But, with three years gone since "Hoping Out Loud," we were starting to get worried. Well after taking some personal time for some major life events (marriage, starting a family), AAries got the hint and responded with the brand new EP, Got Ur Request.

One glance at the album cover (shot by Hannan Saleh), and you already know that the sisters are about to blow our minds once again. Looking like ebony-hued bohemian goddesses, their flowing raven locks* surrounded by a lush crown of creamy flowers and lovely sable eyes that pierce your soul, they've already commanded our attention without singing one note.

On Got Ur Request, the theme is love and the duo has plenty to say on the subject. There's a throwback feel throughout the EP, enhanced by prominent strings and well-placed percussion. The set opens with "Let Me Know," a tender, aching plea that speaks to the uncertainties of a relationship. Moody guitar and bass enhance the delicate vocal delivery and create an air of intimacy for a conversation between two lovers who are going through it. With the questions out in the open, "For You" aims to show and prove that the love is real. Sincere vocals, smooth harmonies and soothing harp trills engulf the listener with a comforting reassurance that the relationship can weather any storm.

A seductive bass line and retro guitar licks are front and center on "Love You," giving the mid-tempo track a Marvin Gaye feel, touched with a smoky air of soul-drenched funk. The ladies put it all out there, enticing their lover with promises of devotion and pleasure. Bonus track "Always Remember" is a feel-good song that closes out the set on a high note. Laced with hip-hop beats and sweeping strings, the melodic pair begs, "Don't you forget about me."  With music this good, AAries will definitely stay on our minds for years to come.

The gracious artists reached out to the listeners with a short message: "To all of our fans... we got ur request. Please enjoy this free EP that we created with love."  On behalf of said fans, we say, "Thank you, AAries!" Listen to Got Ur Request below, download your copy today and keep up with AAries on Twitter and Facebook.

*For those overzealous/hyper-technical naturalistas, I mean "locks" as in another word for strands of hair, not dreadlocks or locs.

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