Bounce-Worthy: 1st Vows


1st Vows’ clever, thought-provoking songwriting and strong production come together to paint a picture that is captivating throughout his debut EP. It is clear that this, along with his harmonies, are his strengths. This is most obvious on tracks like “Kimono,” where seductive tones distract from his use of the f-bomb and the discussions of drug use, making both sound almost appealing. On “Eros,” 1st Vows takes the tone down a notch to a darker place, moving to a heavier sound that continues on EP closer “Dakota.”

The juxtaposition of the soulful tones in the beats with a voice that is far from traditionally soulful creates some special magic that allows 1st Vows to stand apart from the alt R&B, synth-driven pack that has appeared in recent years. While he may not have a voice that performs trills and runs galore, he does have a voice that is pure and full of conviction, whether subtly sighing or bellowing. Add that to perfectly crafted songs that convey honesty and you have a Bounce-Worthy artist you'll be vowing to keep on repeat.

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