Carolyn Malachi Has A Case Of The ‘Hunny Blues’

Photo Credit: Samuel Copeland

Photo Credit: Samuel Copeland

Whether empowering women around the globe or showcasing her creativity and style, there's a luminescent quality about Carolyn Malachi that seems to permeate everything she touches, especially her music. We felt it whenever we listened to GOLD (or any of her other previous work for that matter), and we saw her bring it to life with her short film Runaway. Now, after taking some time to tour parts of Asia and New Guinea, the DC native has returned home to begin recording new music.

In addition to her personal work, we get another taste of her brilliance on the recent release "Hunny Blues," which she contributed to DC-based House Studio's new compilation project #5149. Ms. Malachi has a love jones and she's not holding back. Exuding coquettish charm, she asks, "Hunny, can I pour myself into your glass?" Accompanied by jazzy piano, smoky horns and swinging percussion, the warmth of her voice glides effortlessly throughout the fluid, jazzy piece. She offers to let him win all of their arguments and even spits a verse, but then the song transforms into a tender plea that resonates with the listener long after the last note.

While we await her new album, Carolyn will be performing in the DMV, NC (with PJ Morton) and ATL throughout the summer, so be sure to visit her website for dates and ticket info. On a side note: We applaud her work with the Global Fund for Women, including the video for "Nothing" which was used in conjunction with IGNITE International Girls Hackathon. Lastly, watch Carolyn werk in her featured spread for Lafayette 148 New York's "Women We Love" campaign. Take a listen to "Hunny Blues" below, and you'll see why this Bounce-Worthy artist remains one of our faves and is worthy of our praises. Afterwards, you can hear the full #5149 project on SoundCloud.

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