Don’t ‘Sleep’ On Kenna’s Latest

Photo Credit: Keith Ladzinkski

Photo Credit: Keith Ladzinkski

As we get older, many of us look back with wistful regret, wishing we had done more with the time that we had. So we try a new activity or create a bucket list or seek Oprah's advice on how to "Live The Life You Want." Along the same train of thought, Kenna sought to create a song that embodies this spirit with "Sleep When We Die." As someone with many passions (singer/songwriter, social activist, tech creative), not to mention the fact that he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro THREE times, Kenna just might be on to something.

The radio-friendly tune is a bit different from Kenna's past offerings, which is exactly the point. He's embarking on a new musical journey with the upcoming Songs for Flight, and this song marks the first step. With plucky guitar strums, vibrant percussion and energetic synth, Kenna enthusiastically delivers a catchy tune with an inspirational feel. He further explains, "This song was meant for you to rally, be happy. And take on the adventure ahead." So hit the play button, grab that "YOLO!" shirt hidden in the back of your drawer and seize the day.

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