Kero Uno Refixes The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’


Los Angeles-based producer/DJ Kero Uno  aka Kero One — has a thing for remaking soulful tracks, like D'Angelo's "Spanish Joint" for example, but this time the producer takes on The Weeknd's surprisingly upbeat track "Can't Feel My Face." Kero Uno takes the Max Martin-produced single and keeps its cheery vibe and adds a little more edge with some heavy bass. The minute you press play, Kero Uno's strategic placement of bass and synth will take over your muscles and have you dancing uncontrollably. Once we get to the high energy chorus, it's slowed down a tad to support the extra layers of instruments and The Weeknd's Michael Jackson-inspired vocals. Midway through the track, you'll find a pulsating breakdown powered by Kero Uno's expertise in future soul.

Kero Uno doesn't release you from his trance until the end of the track, but you'll be reaching for your play button again before the makes it there. You can keep up with Kero through his Facebook fan page and SoundCloud to see what other refixes he pulls out of his crate. Listen to his take on "Can't Feel My Face" right here, and let us know if you're feeling it.

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