Kevin Michael Wants You To Get ‘Dirty’ & ‘Dance All Nite’


Kevin Michael is back! The young and fun electro-pop star has been rather elusive since the release of his 2013 Brainwa$h album. Earlier this year he took to Twitter to announce that due to label issues he would be undergoing a stage name change and later appeared on Hudson Mohawke’s big “Warriors” single as Devaeux. But it appears as if that change hasn’t stuck, as this morning he has dropped a surprise album full of unreleased material for his fans and it’s billed under just plain old Kevin Michael. Name issues aside, Kevin’s brand new Dirty Little F**k album is the both sonically and aesthetically stunning, and to give you a preview of it, he has unleashed “Dance All Nite” on SoundCloud as a single.

Much like the rest of the album, “Dance All Nite” is a great mixture of fun and synth-heavy funk. Kevin calls the album “quirky,” “campy” and “tongue-in-cheek,” and this song is certainly all three of those things. This track could easily play immediately after a Ke$ha song at a college kickback, and all of the young and dumb frat boys would go wild. Now if I had to pick out standouts on this project, “Dance All Nite” certainly would not be one when there are much better tracks like “Haunted,” “Bubblegum,” and even “Lisa Little Robot Girl,” which all seem to pull from big '80s pop moments for inspiration. The album also comes along with one super strong ballad in the form of “Cry,” which finds Kevin singing of his regrets and apologizing for letting the love of his life walk out of the door.

Give “Dance All Nite” a spin, and then make your way over to iTunes or Apple Music to hear what Kevin Michael’s Dirty Little F**k has to offer now.

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