Kwabs Gets Colorful In ‘Fight For Love’


The release date for British singer Kwabs' debut album Love + War is fast approaching. While we're pretty much ready to buy the album now, the crooner is still tempting our musical appetites with songs from the set, including most recent single "Fight For Love." The throwback '80s appeal of the song was something that we immediately latched on to when the song debuted in May, and now he's released a video that continues in that throwback direction.

The clip's set up is pretty straightforward. Kwabs sits on a stool belting the song's lyrics in some scenes and a sole dancer dances to the track in others. But what makes this a bit more interesting is the constant barrage of colors that wash over both Kwabs and the dancer. The effect completely washes over them, in effect showing them in silhouette (think of the old school iTunes commercials). This allows you to focus on Kwabs' lyrics, which coincidentally also flash across the screen in white block letters as well. It's a simple yet effective direction to take in the video's concept and one that pays off for the song.

If you're digging the video, you'll be happy to know that "Fight For Love" is one of the songs you'll be able to download instantly when you pre-order Love + War on iTunes ahead of its September 11th release. Peep the visual below.