Nehzuil Delivers A Winning Remix Of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Love Is A Losing Game’


As the world recovers from viewing the recently released documentary on the life of Amy Winehouse and remembers what we loved about her most as the fourth anniversary of her death passes, Australian producer Nehzuil finds the perfect time to honor her with his beautiful remix of her song “Love Is A Losing Game.” Nehzuil somehow manages to draw even more jazz and emotion out of this heart-wrenching ballad, which was originally featured on her 2006 critically acclaimed album Back To Black. This version is both haunting and fitting, and it leaves you feeling like you just walked into a smoky jazz club with our beloved Amy baring her soul, as she often did.

Head over to Nehzuil’s SoundCloud to stream this beautiful tribute and download a free copy for your own personal library.

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