Stacy Barthe Shows Us An ‘Extraordinary Love’


Stacy Barthe finds and illustrates an "Extraordinary Love" in her music video for the romantic ballad. Directed by Embryo, the visuals feature a couple, one black and the other albino (model Shaun Ross), to compliment the black and white filter of the video. Showing that two different worlds can indeed come together to create something beautiful or extraordinary is what we see and hear from the singer/songwriter. "I was just a girl / You were just a boy / Together we were one / Together we were perfect / Talk about in sync," she sings. In the video, the couple explore each other like new territory while Stacy stands in front of a white background singing the deep lyrics. The couple finally strip each other down and become one at the end.

Extraordinary is one way to describe Stacy and her vocals, and we've seen the evidence in her debut album BEcoming, which was released July 10th. Stacy has a way with words and sings about love with ease. If you need more evidence, you should probably purchase her album on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play now. But before you go snatch up her debut, watch her latest visuals for "Extraordinary Love" right here.

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