Stacy Barthe Takes Us To A Vulnerable Place In ‘Here I Am’ Video


Following the release of her debut album BEcoming, singer/songwriter Stacy Barthe premieres the video for the revealing and intensely personal track, "Here I Am." Directed by Ryan J. Francis, "Here I Am" is shot in black-and-white, combining scenes of a live acoustic recording of the song amongst a group of her friends and story driven visuals that speak toward a person dealing with depression and masking it with alcohol.

The video is a perfect match for the aesthetic of the song. Organic and raw, it allows you to focus on her pure and fluid vocals, while delving into the message of the song. She clearly lays bare a very tumultuous and emotional struggle. While everyone may not relate to her specific inner turmoil, its portrayal in the video makes Barthe and her struggles relatable. The video is stylistically a nostalgic throwback to the videos of Dionne Farris, Tracy Chapman and Meshell Ndegeocello. The black-and-white aspect of the video combined with the melancholy tone of the song are particularly reminiscent of Farris’ “Hopeless” video. Like Barthe’s, these videos took place in natural, "day in the life" settings and have a primary emphasis on the vocalist and their vocals.

Despite the gravity of the themes, the video is quite refreshing in its focus on music and story rather than gimmicks. It's a pleasant departure from the majority of today's music video landscape.

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