Tamar Braxton’s Love Is For Sale In ‘If I Don’t Have You’ Visuals


When we first heard Tamar Braxton's heartbroken love song "If I Don't Have You," we imagined many different scenarios for the impending visuals. But we don't think anybody could've imagined this.

Mrs. Braxton-Herbert takes it all the way back to the 1930s for a Harlem Nights-esque clip with some other recognizable reality faces, none more so than Real Housewives of Atlanta queen bee Nene Leakes. They all play ladies of the night, with Nene playing their blustery (and badly acted) madam. While the other ladies aren't pressed to deliver Madam Nene her coins, Tamar seems to be pressed by other matters, particular those of the heart. While the life of a high-priced escort seems to be treating her rather lovely, there's one client in particular who has her affections but just doesn't feel the same way about her. What's a (call) girl to do? In Tamar's case, she laments in lingerie and pearls while guests and familiar faces (Hey, Miss E!) revel and party like it's 1939.

"If I Don't Have You" is the lead single for Tamar's upcoming third album, Calling All Lovers, which is set to release on July 31st. Take a peek at the video below, and let us know if Tamar's interpretation matches your expectations.

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