‘The Power Of Love Experience’ To Celebrate The Legacy Of Luther Vandross


Luther Vandross left a such a major void in the music world that we're still heartbroken over his absence 10 years later. Not many artists can say that they had the breadth of his influence (songwriting, composing, arranging, producing), which spanned radio, film, television, Broadway and even sports. In his 35-year career, he won eight GRAMMY Awards and sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. His "Velvet Voice" was so legendary that he was recognized by his first name alone, yet he remained humble enough to sing background vocals for many artists while at the height of his solo career. Another artist gone too soon, thankfully he remains part of the soundtrack of our lives.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death, the Luther Vandross estate announced a partnership with Hidden Beach Experiences (Hidden Beach Recordings, Guardians of Soul) and Marcus Miller (award-winning composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist) to create The Power of Love Experience - A Tribute to the Life of Luther Vandross. Led by Miller — Luther's former music director and longtime songwriting collaborator — the project will be a semi-biographical musical narrative, featuring a who's who of musical talent. Plans also include a mobile museum, which will feature archival images, concert footage and Vandross' memorabilia. In addition, Hidden Beach will bestow the first Vandross Award to a rising talent who exemplifies Vandross’ commitment to excellence, vocal performance and showmanship

The threefold alliance, who first joined forces to coordinate Vandross' posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year, is excited about the opportunity to share Luther's legacy with old and new audiences alike. Seveda Williams (one of the estate’s board members) says, “Luther always shone best under the spotlight of performing live and every new generation deserves the opportunity to hear how special Luther's music is and how it was made so uniquely and timeless." Hidden Beach CEO Steve McKeever adds, “With current news headlines reminding us that our nation still has deep wounds in need of healing, we cannot think of a more appropriate time to celebrate the power of love — analogous with the life and legacy of Luther Vandross...We are humbled and honored that the Luther Vandross estate has entrusted us to create such an event.” Marcus Miller shares, "I am blessed to have worked with many truly gifted artists but my time with Luther was perhaps my most fulfilling professionally and personally...I am truly honored to partner with Hidden Beach and the Luther Vandross estate to celebrate my friend's musical legacy through The Power of Love Experience."

The Power of Love Experience will tour 15 major U.S. markets starting in 2016. While you wait for this exclusive event to premiere in a city near you, scroll down and reminisce over the greatness that was Luther.


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