We Won’t Need To ‘Tell’ You To Dance To E.Doza’s Groove Theory Remix


Guatemalan producer/beatmaker E.Doza is supposed to be working on an album of originals, but it seems he just can't resist the urge to remix. And to be honest, we hope it stays that way because we have surely reaped the benefits of his sonic productivity. Following his recent flips of The Internet and Janet Jackson, ED keeps the ladies front-and-center with his latest remix of Groove Theory's "Tell Me."

Like ENTRSTELLAR's refix earlier this year, ED seems to take an otherworldly approach to the neo-soul classic. It starts out with barely a whisper, but then that bass line kicks in and all bets are off. Amel Larrieux's ethereal vocals become surrounded by alternating beats, animated synth and a persuasive thump that just won't quit. A mere three minutes long, it ends just as you're ready to break a sweat so just be prepared to wear out that play button.

Trust and believe, we'll be keeping tabs on the Toronto-based artist in anticipation of his upcoming project. In the meantime, go download your free copy of this remix and check out his previous offerings via SoundCloud.

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