You’ll Be ‘Holding On’ To Your Seats Watching Disclosure & Gregory Porter’s Sci-Fi Vision


Disclosure are taking no shorts as they roll out their upcoming album, Caracal. They've enlisted some big guns on the new collection, starting with Gregory Porter who lent his rich baritone to their soulful house mix on lead single "Holding On." Now the track has gotten some big budget visuals that are more of a six-minute sci-fi movie than a music video, and that's quite alright with us.

From the moment you press play, you'll be engrossed in the fictional future world of Mariela. She lives in a police state with armed guards outnumbering regular citizens and where it seems as if it's perpetually nighttime. Flying aircraft track moves and criss-cross the sky while Mariela and friends party hard in one scene or she's sitting at a dinner table with family surround her in the next. Two Spanish-speaking gentlemen bring some context to the sometimes confusing story, and we are informed that Mariela isn't some average chick. When she gets a tattoo of the Caracal mascot on her body, her super powers come to light and now she's on the run.

If you love sci-fi flicks, then you will dig this music video. It will definitely have you holding on until the very end as we witness Mariela's getaway with the promise of her story carrying on with "To Be Continued" splashed on the screen. While we wait for the next chapter of this story, watch the thrilling first chapter here.

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