A History Of Janet Jackson’s 10 Best Dance Videos

If (1993)

Choreographer: Tina Landon

Aside from the quip “It’s Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty,” nothing works fans into a frenzy more than the rockin’ first chords of janet.’s second single, “If.” That’s because they know they’re going to see that dance over a cleverly inserted sample of Diana Ross and The Supremes“Someday We’ll Be Together.” Tina Landon tested dancers’ technique with this one, first enticing viewers with slinky, seductive moves that grabbed viewers’ attention moments before the lady dancers started grabbing their male counterparts’ crotches. But the lust-filled display also featured intricate transitions and formations along with chest rubs and suggestive head thrusting. Perhaps because of the taboo nature of the latter two, that aforementioned dance — a breakdown so tight, complex and visually interesting — became the centerpiece of an all-dance version of the video. As a testament to how weird MTV was in the mid-’90s, somehow “If” was not honored with the best choreography VMA, which was instead given to Salt-N-Pepa’s En Vogue-featuring “Whatta Man.” We’re not hating on those ladies, but credit should have been given to Landon (and maybe rumored associates Omar Lopez and Keith Williams, too?).

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