A History Of Janet Jackson’s 10 Best Dance Videos

All for You (2001)

Choreographers: Shawnette Heard, Marty Kudelka and Roger Lee

Would you, could you, on a beach? Would you, could you, in the streets? “All for You” showcased Janet dancing in a number of unusual circumstances, including on a train platform (though, depending on where you reside, witnessing said activity isn’t uncommon at all) and, at one point, barefoot. But the lighthearted nature of her No. 1 hit made it all seem OK, as the smile-inducing track paid homage to the art of flirting. And the fluid movement’s of Janet’s all-female dance crew were dead serious, marked by precise kicks, synchronized sways and pop-tastic, “all together now” shimmies. During the 2001 MTV Icon tribute show, after a number of presentations from a now-noteworthy group of relative upstarts, the queen and her look-alikes from the past took to the stage to remind those in attendance exactly why she was receiving the award, finishing off the unforgettable performance with a breakdown set to All for You filler track, “You Ain’t Right.”

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