Bounce-Worthy: Wallace


From the first note heard from New Zealand-born, Sydney, Australia-based future soul singer Wallace, it’s clear that something magical is being encountered. Is it the jazz styling of her vocal phrasing and runs? Perhaps, considering she’s a multi-award winning jazz singer. Or is it that Eartha Kitt-esque purr to her voice? On first listen to her debut track “Vinyl Skip,” it appears to be a combination of those qualities coupled with mesmerizing future soul rhythms that make Wallace a Bounce-Worthy artist that SoulBouncer’s will need on their playlists.

It’s little surprise that Wallace is gaining traction just two songs into her career, she’s got some of New Zealand’s finest in her corner, including Fat Freddy’s Drop’s Warren Maxwell who calls her voice “undeniably unique, soulful, sultry.” She’s also been winning awards for her jazz vocal skills since she was in school, even gaining a scholarship thanks to her chops. It appears then, that the debut of Wallace as an artist has been a long time coming.

Winning awards and scholarships for musicianship is one thing, but the ability to create music that captures the soul is another. Wallace effortlessly balances being a technically great singer with a natural gift for storytelling. Influenced by artists that span neo-soul, jazz and electro-synth pop like Erykah Badu, Sarah Vaughan, Little Dragon and Carmen McRae, it’s little wonder that Wallace’s music encompasses elements of all of these woven together. Her voice melts like butter on a hot pan over rich, textured tones that blend futuristic soul, jazz and hip hop. This is music with substance, made only to feed the soul. Close your eyes and “Vinyl Skip” paints a scene that is part late night, smoky jazz bar and part hazy afternoon daydream. And yet, somehow it works.

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