‘Don’t Go’ Another Day Without Reece On Your Playlist


Virginia is never short on new talent. This past year alone, VA has let loose D.R.A.M., Masego and Butcher Brown, just to name a few, and they have all released music on different spectrums that would blow many of your favorite mainstream artists out of the water. Young newcomer Reece is next up to bat, and he’s gunning for a spot in that alternative lane that the likes of The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, Kelela and SZA have been owning for the past few years. The elusive 19 year old recently released a passionate record called “Don’t Go,” and it has already landed him on TIDAL’s Discovery feature page, iTunes’ New Artist spotlight and Spotify’s Fresh Finds.

While “Don’t Go” features impressive production work from Jumpa, it is Reece’s superb vocals that are pulling listeners in and leaving them addicted. Throughout the entire song Reece balances singing in his strong lower register and wailing out beautiful high notes. His songwriting is also worth paying attention to. “I was never yours / Even when you said so / Loving you is a curse / Hopeless from the get go,” he sings. It’s practically impossible not to feel the passion and emotion in this record.

Reece’s future is looking quite bright following the release of “Don’t Go.” Feel free to grab a copy of the song off of iTunes for yourself, and get on board in supporting this young, fresh and new talent.

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