Joss Stone Breaks Free In ‘Stuck On You’


Once a teen prodigy, Joss Stone has matured into a worldly woman. The English soulstress recently ended her three year hiatus with the release of her seventh studio album, Water For Your Soul. Released independently on her own label, Stone’d Records, the album has a heavy reggae influence, revealing a riveting metamorphosis since her previous release, The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2.

The visuals for the album’s lead single, “Stuck On You,” are a stimulating metaphor, reminiscent of Joss’ prolonged struggle to break away from her former label, EMI. As to be expected, Stone’s sultry vocals emit a palpable passion, which coincide with the video’s stark images.

The video begins with a headshot of Joss staring into the camera with an earnest facial expression. As Joss sings about getting pulled deeper into an unhealthy love affair, she dives into an aquatic abyss. She and her fellow nymphs twist and turn as they try to free themselves from vividly colored traps that represent a love that has gone wrong. Just as you’re fighting back the urge to reach in and save them, Joss and the nymphs shimmy free and ascend to the surface, refusing to drown in the suffocating love.

Check out the liberating visuals for “Stuck On You” right here.



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