KeKe Wyatt Goes Country In ‘Lie Under You’


After recently giving birth and celebrating the addition of yet another bundle of joy to her family, KeKe Wyatt is ready to jump back into the swing of things. The former R&B Divas star is getting ready to share a brand new album with the world, but she has a little bit of unfinished business to handle with her fans first. Back in 2014 she released her Ke’Ke’ EP, and it featured a powerful Chuck Harmony-penned ballad titled “Lie Under You.” Fans, friends and R&B Divas viewers all fell in love with the record, as it found the R&B songstress dabbling into a country sound that surprisingly fit her very well. Long story short, KeKe promised to bring the song to life with a video and now ninth months later, here we are.

Just in case the natural twang in this Indiana native’s voice isn’t enough, Mrs. Wyatt-Ford finds every cabin, cowboy hat and cowboy possible to prove to you that she is about that life. She follows the song's narrative and goes from the back of a pickup truck to talking to her mama and even frying up some eggs and bacon in the kitchen. While the video is well done, the work to remind viewers that this is a country song is a bit unnecessary. The song is beautiful, as is KeKe, and the moment that they are both best showcased is when the singer angelically tips around the lake in all white.

Get into this beautiful song and video as you join us in waiting to hear more about KeKe Wyatt’s fourth studio album and in hoping that it finds her reconnecting with Chuck Harmony for more musical magic like this.

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