Pharrell Williams Releases ‘Locked Away’ N.E.R.D Track


When Pharrell Williams gives you an unreleased N.E.R.D track, you accept it and thank him graciously. The "Happy" artist recently unearthed the single "Locked Away" from his musical vault during an interview on the OTHERtone Beats 1 Radio show. The band including Chad Hugo, Shay Haley and Skateboard P, released their last album Nothing in 2010 and "Locked Away" serves as a fond reminder of the group's chemistry and groovy punk-laced beats. On the single, Pharrell sings about love, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, funky bass and pleasant ska undertones. "You make life worth living / You make love worth giving," Williams sings on the chorus. Sweet harmonies fill the chorus and although it hails from old studio sessions, the N.E.R.D track sounds current and fits right into 2015.

During the Beats 1 interview, Pharrell, who was also joined by Tyler, the Creator, shared some fun anecdotes about Michael Jackson. While we haven't heard from N.E.R.D in a while, the group reunited briefly at the end of 2014 to record "Squeeze Me" for the film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. While we wait to see if Pharrell dusts off a few more tracks for us from his musical stash, listen to "Locked Away" right here, and catch some of the Beats 1 interview over on Twitter.

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