Robin Thicke Gets It ‘Together’ For ‘The Tonight Show’

Photo Credit: NBC

Photo Credit: NBC

Robin Thicke is everywhere this week on the promo trail for his new single "Back Together" that you'd think he was on a media blitz to promote an album. After 2014's failing singles and flop of an album, Paula, Thicke is definitely getting his hustle on this time around and "Back Together" is a decent enough song to do it with. After waking fans up on GMA earlier in the week, he put them to bed on last night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with another performance of the track.

Once again suited and booted, and backed by his equally bespoke band, Robin sang "Back Together" fresh from the music video release earlier in the day. Nicki Minaj was thankfully at home watching with the rest of us, so Thicke held the song down in its entirety minus her rapping. He did a serviceable job, but although "Back Together" is a kinda catchy song (and we're here for his Bee Gees moment when he sings "To-ni-hi-hight" on the chorus) the performance wasn't the most exciting thing we've seen on Jimmy Fallon's show this week. Yolanda Adams is a tough act to follow after all.

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