We ‘Need U’ To Take A Look At JMSN’s Latest Lo-Fi Video


Another day, another lo-fi video from JMSN. The alternative R&B artist has released yet another video from his JMSN (Blue Album). While most of his videos have been pretty inventive, making use of the most innovative AV club technology of 1981, the last few clips have featured JMSN taking it easy and letting his smooth grooves do the leg work. The video for “Waves” featured the artist literally and humorously riding rapids on a boat. In his latest masterpiece, he takes us on a trip through the desert sands in “Need U."

In the clip for “Need U,” JMSN and his crew are rolling deep on a couple of four-wheel ATV vehicles, as he laments about losing his special lady. While the symbolism of feeling lost and desolate in a desert isn’t lost on us, and his scenes hanging tough with his bros were pretty cool, this was a little laid-back for the artist. However, just when we think things are easy breezy, he decides to have a drummer and a guitar player performing and riding dirty on the back of a trailer, a la Mad Max, during the breakdown.

As always, JMSN comes through with an original video that brings his music to life while sharing his unique sense of humor. And, despite its lo-fi and low-budget look, it's still miles away better than most of the big budget videos that do too much and not enough at the same damn time. As long as you’re down to ride and in on the joke, watching "Need U" will be 4:26 out of your day well spent.



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