Jack Freeman Proves His Staying Power With ‘Seasons Change’


There's something about the soulful stylings of Jack Freeman that stick with you. The indie R&B artist, who hails from Houston, last impressed us with his single "Afterparty." But now, with the summer heat transitioning to the crispness of fall, Jack returns to us with the appropriately titled "Seasons Change."

The track, produced by Jett I Masstyr, features a slick, horn-tastic sample of Weldon Irvine's classic "Morning Sunrise." Jack uses the familiarity of the sample to his advantage, delivering a molasses-thick vocal over the loop. With the weather cooling off, he's wondering if the same will happen with his summertime boo. He hopes not, as he's still got enough fire burning in him to keep her warm through fall, winter and spring and he's not afraid to show her. Musically, at times the listener wants more to happen than the singular loop of horns and vocal that the sample provides. However, Jack's vocal, which has a hint of gospel in its warm lows and highs, keeps this one from getting stale.

There's no word on if this single means a new project is in the works, but you can stream the track to your heart's content right here. While you're at it, check out Jack's other offerings, which can be found on his Bandcamp and SoundCloud profiles.

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