Leona Lewis Strikes With ‘Thunder’


After amicably ending her time on Simon Cowell’s record label Syco, Leona Lewis is ready for a fresh start with the release of her upcoming album, I Am. Keeping with the album’s theme of liberation and empowerment, Leona’s latest single “Thunder” is an apropos anthem and the visuals for the song paint a complimentary picture.

The video opens with cumulus clouds moving dauntingly through a gloomy sky. Leona gazes into the camera, singing softly, as images of the sky with intermittent sun, a brazen flock of birds and cryptic words reflect on the wall behind her. The birds and sky convey the resounding effects of thunder as Leona alternates between leaning against the wall and moving around in a wide open space, framed by a scenic backdrop. She emits a pseudo demure vibe as she saunters about delicately, wearing a flowing garment.

Near the end, Leona boldly perches on a ledge, now wearing jeans and red lipstick. As the visuals allude to determination, freedom and strength, Leona passionately sings. “And I won’t wait any longer / When you left me down, I got stronger / If you want to wait for the lightning / I’m on the horizon / Well, I’m coming back with the thunder.”

No longer restricted, Leona lets go of any and all inhibitions as she willingly falls backwards, slowly descending until she lands on her feet, her facial expression reflecting peace and satisfaction. The video ends with another shot of the clouds rolling through the sky; this time, the sun is shining brightly. The cryptic words join together to reveal a confident mantra: “Thought I would never rise again but I am, I am...”

Leona Lewis’ I Am is due out on September 11th. Watch “Thunder” and see if it inspires you to rumble.

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