Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson & Kerry Washington Turn Up For Apple Music


Last night women of color conquered the 2015 Emmy Awards as Viola Davis, Regina King, Uzo Aduba and Queen Latifah's Bessie Smith HBO biopic all took home golden trophies. But the melanin-sponsored slayage didn’t stop during commercial breaks. Apple Music kept the winning streak going by launching their brand new campaign and playing our favorite new spot during every single break. Apple Music brought together Ava DuVernay, Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington for what just may turn out to be the best commercial of the year.

With DuVernay working behind the camera as the short’s director, Blige, Henson and Washington get together for a girlfriend’s night in. Before Taraji and Kerry can even step foot into the place, Mary already has the dancerie jumping. Slick Rick's "Children Story" sets the mood for the turn up of three, and Taraji and Kerry aren't even ready for Mary's box of old mixtapes that she's pulled out of storage. The three beautiful brown divas take a fantastic voyage down memory lane as Mary J. puts Taraji and Kerry up on game about the evolution of mixtapes with Apple Music’s new intuitive playlists. “It’s like you have a boyfriend that makes you a mixtape in your laptop,” Washington says while MJB's Apple Music playlist continues to play throwback jams from Snoop Dogg, Blackstreet, Phil Collins, Busta Rhymes and Sean Combs when he was known as Puff Daddy, who gets them all up on their feet ad channeling their inner Lil Kim on "All About the Benjamins." Black girl magic is in full effect, and we’re loving it.

We suspect that Apple Music sold a slew of subscriptions thanks to this commercial last night. Your move, Spotify and TIDAL, but right now, it's Apple Music's world with their "Instant Boyfriend Mixtape Service." Genius.

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Posted by Apple Music on Sunday, September 20, 2015

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